comptech accessories

For enhanced reliability and energy savings, compressed air must be completely clean and dry. We offers a wide range of pneumatic downstream and upstream accessories such as Air Driers, Line Filters and Air Receivers that remove inherent impurities such as water, dirt or lubricating oil.

Refrigeration Air Drier

Condenser : The Condenser Using copper fin has a high heat transfer efficiency to increase the degree of super cooling and refrigerating capacity.

Refrigerant Compressor : International brand compressors with super high energy efficiencies and excellent reliability which guarantee the preeminent performance of refrigerant dryers.

Electric Drain Valve Electric timed drainer is installed with anti-blocking device to prevent any blocking in the drainer.

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High Precision Filters

To achieve the high precision filtration quality which contains multi layer filter materials including borosilicate fibre, fiberglass, activated carbon fibre, unwoven fabric layer and stainless steel protecting net to provide the real oil free, non-impurity, high quality compressed air.

Air Flow: 35 – 2,500 cfm

Working Pressure: 5 – 45 bar

Filtration Range: 1 – 0.003 microns

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Vertical Air Receivers

Strictly in accordance with the national design standards, we commit to produce the best and safest pressure air tank which has passed strictest Quality tests. All the pressure vessels are completely made in our Production facility under special supervision, therefore you can totally Trust the qualities and safety of our products.

Capacity: 250 – 5000 ltrs

Working Pressure: 5 – 45 bar

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